Friends’ Newsletter

September Newsletter

What has been happening —

  • The autumnal migration is upon us here at the Refuge. Subtle changes are occurring in
    the air around us, the skies above us, the vegetation and in the Education Center.
    ● During the month of September, we are partnering with USU Department of
    Natural Resources and DWR Hardware Ranch in the annual Natural Resources
    Day. This will provide a field experience for every fourth grader in Cache County.
    ● Additionally, we are in meetings with the Curriculum Directors of Weber, Ogden
    and Davis school districts to design a curriculum for SEEd, the new state 6-8
    science programs. We are specifically targeting the 8th
    graders in those districts.
    ● We have also met with the Community Outreach Coordinators for Weber State
    University to develop curriculum for impacted urban populations.
    ● Wetland Wings, our continuing partnership with Ogden Nature Center, is again
    reaching out to preschool groups with a Wednesday offering for our budding
    naturalist groups. If you know of a preschool group that would like to participate,
    please contact us.
    ● Finally, we are in contact with homeschool communities in Garland, Malad and
    Cache County to attempt to enhance their educational opportunities as well.
    ● Be sure to check out our Facebook and Twitter for updates.
    ● Also, we have linked educational resources available through the Wildlife
    Education Center. We were recently gifted more than 60 field guides, books,
    DVDs and CD’s from the collection of Mel Nadler, an avid birder and friend of the

What is coming up —

  • During the month of October, we will again be partnering with DWR to participate
    in the first phase of the annual Mountain Wilds to Wetland Wonders. This will
    involve every fourth grader in Box Elder County. In the fall we meet at the top of
    the watershed near Hardware Ranch and in the spring, we progress to the
    bottom of the same watershed and meet at the Refuge.
  • And, yes, we still have a secret project in the works which will enhance your
    viewing opportunities on the Auto Loop! Stay tuned for more information.

Bird of the Month –Not Just One, But Many!

Copy and paste the link below in your browser to watch the video of our 2018 Photo
Contest Entries, and then please vote for your favorite. Help us choose the “Fan
Favorite” winner for this year.

In Conclusion:

As you can see, we are beginning the school year full speed ahead. All of these activities are sponsored and paid for by the Friends of the Bear River Refuge. If you would like to help us out, please go to the “Join Us” page on our website and you will find all the information about becoming a member there. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Thank you very much for your attention!

Colleen Castillo

Executive Administrator
Friends of the Bear River Refuge

Bryce Passey
Environmental Education Specialist
Friends of the Bear River Refuge

See You Next Month!