Field Guides

Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge
Field Guides

Title Title
Encyclopedia of N. Am. Birds Insects
Lives of N. Am. Birds Peterson: Insects (9)
Singing Life of Birds (2) Dragonflies
Essential Field Guide Companion (2) Common Dragonflies (2)
Guide to Bird Life & Behavior (2) Pondlife (3)
NG Complete Birds of N. Am. Guide to Wetlands
North America Bird Eggs Peterson: North Am. Birds
Nest Eggs and Nesting Shorebird Guide
Birds’ Eggs Backyard Birds of Utah
Watching Wildlife (2) Identify Yourself: Bird Challenge
Utah Wildlife Viewing Guide (3) Utah Birds and Viewing Sites
Idaho Wildlife Viewing Guide Young Birder Guide (4)
Flora of the BRMBRR Grasslands (7) Peterson: Warblers (2)
Peterson Guide to Trees First Field Guide: Birds (3)
Tree Finder Western Birds
Montana’s Noxious Weeds Young naturalist: Shore Birds
Utah Wildflowers Young naturalist: Birds of Prey
Peterson: Mammals Sierra Birds
Frogs: A Wildlife Handbook North American Birds
Frogs and Toads (2) Peterson: Hummingbirds (2)
Peterson: Reptiles and Amphibians NG Field Guide Birds N.Am. (11)
Volunteer Monitoring: Macroinvert. Peterson:1st Guide Birds (9)
Fresh Water Invertebrates Bird Songs
Butterflies (2) Insects and Spiders
Songs of Insects