Professional Research & Resources

Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge
Environmental Education Resources

Professional Research & Resources
Visitors Services Resources Beyond Kids and Signs (2000)
Friends Group Workshop Bear River Conservation (2012)
Intro to Conservation Biology Neotropical Migrants – Deserts
GIS for Wildlife Management Depredation of Duck Nests
Rhythms of the Refuge (2) Waterfowl Management (1985)
Wild Utah Project Water Impoundments (1982)
Jordan valley Drought Plan Desert Mule Deer & Bighorn (1985)
Bear River Plan (2002) Vegetation Colorado Bighorn (1975)
BRMBREC Master Plan New England Wildlife (1986)
Bear River Report (2005) Interpretive Source Book (1994)
Bear River Watershed Creating Environmental Publications
Alternatives – Bear River (2006) Signs, Trails & Wayside Exhibits
Bear River Investigations (1970) Mountain Lion (1984)
Bear River Water Plan (2004) 75 Years Colorado Game (1972)
Connections Ed Plan (2000) The Marsh
Connections Ed Plan (2001) Mule Deer Winter Range
Biological Conservation Responses- Elk, Deer & Cattle
The Good Guide Mule Deer Handbook
Guide National Wildlife Refuges Wildlife Conservation in Utah
Review of Wildlife Management Fulfilling the Promise
Meaningful Interpretation Management Invasive Plants
African Animal Kingdoms Predation Management
The Art of Bird Illustration Effects of Clipping
Parrots of the World Restoring Life in Running Water
Exploring the Deep Frontier US Fish & Wildlife Services
The Ruffed Grouse Readings in Conservation Ecology