Friends’ News

May 2022

May is such an exciting month here on the Refuge. Nearly all of the breeding bird species that utilize the Refuge are present. Species that are into nesting and incubation at this time include the double-crested cormorant, great blue heron, mallard, white faced ibis, and the California gull. By the middle of the month we should be seeing plenty fuzzy mallard ducklings!

Saturday May 14th is World Migratory Bird Day. This years the focus is on light pollution. Dim the Lights for Birds at Night. Here at the refuge we will be collecting public pledges to dim the lights at night. Come join us and see how many people we can get to take the pledge with us. The Friends will be providing a fun reminder magnet to take home when you take your pledge. We will also have former refuge manager Al Trout in the Avocet Corner Bookstore for a book signing starting at 11:00am. Al will be signing copies of his book “Bringing Back the Bear.” This amazing book chronicles how the refuge and many dedicated volunteers in the community restored the refuge after it was destroyed by devastating flood waters in the 1980s. You can bring your own copy or purchase a copy in the bookstore for him to sign.

As always we hope to see you soon here at the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge.

Andi Ford

Executive Administrator

Friends of the Bear River Refuge

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