Friends’ Newsletter

Look where our Avocet hat was seen! The photo was accompanied by a note from Cathryn and Robert Steeley:

“We hope you might recall selling one of your hats to a couple from England a couple of weeks ago and asking us to send you a photo of said hat when we got home?  Well we got back safe and sound and have managed to take the attached photo of Robert standing by our village sign during the scarecrow festival this weekend just gone.  We had a great time driving round the refuge and were impressed by the number of different species we could see.  We hope everything goes well with the refuge and thank all the volunteers who have made it possible.”

Thank you, Cathryn and Robert. We hope to see you back at the Refuge some day!

Now, if you have one of these hats, please put it on, stand by the sign of the place you are visiting, take a photo and send it to We love to see where the avocet has landed, especially outside its fly zone!